Saturday, April 6, 2013

I've been working on code mostly, and experimenting with different ideas.  I'm going to hold off on posting the game until it feels a little bit more settled.  

The small playing field of the original is something I'm trying to change.  I tried bouncy walls, the regular wraparound, and the regular wraparound method but bigger.  I think I'm going to end up having a somewhat open field, and just not let the player get too far from the center(warn them, and then cause them to die from something odd).  The asteroids will either wrap around, or maybe be on specific orbits. 

Controls are also something I don't like about the original.  I've added a boost if you double tap on the up arrow key.  If you hit the down key once you slow to a stop and if you double tap it you go into reverse.  At first I had it so you activated the reverse and boost by holding down shift.  I'm not sure which is better... Shift is more precise, but I like keeping the amount of buttons to a minimum. 

It feels weird posting without an image, so here's the palette I've been working with:

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